About Us
The Story of Our Beginning
Early in 1897, Mr Brandt Van Blarcom of St. Louis, Missouri
bred his bitch Effie II, a son of Champion Christopher and
divided the resulting litter among his friends.  Naturally each
owner thought his puppy the best and to settle the question of
superiority a match was arranged and held on New Year's
Day, 1898

The question was so momentous that the owners could not
agree on any one man for judge, so a committee of three
Messrs. Forsythe, Trendly, and Michel were chosen and they
retired with the exhibits.  After the due consideration they
announced their decision giving Mr. John A. Long's "Belle of
St. Louis" First and Mr. Parrish's "Society Bell" second.  A
suggestion that another match be held the following year led
to the formation of the St. Louis Collie Club with Mr. William
Mulhall as President, Mr. John A. Long was secretary, and Mr.
Alfred Forsythe became treasurer.  This club became a
member of The American Kennel Club in 1900 and each
subsequent year gave a show (except for 1909 &1910.

Late in 1910, the club renewed its efforts to popularize and
improve the collie in this vicinity and in the next five shows the
quality was so improved that the show held on April 15, 1915
was said to have the best collection of collies seen n the west!

One of the main objectives of the club is to bring the famous
collies to St. Louis as few of the local member can attend
shows at a distance.  By aiding our club, either as members
or contributors of specials, collie fanciers get an opportunity to
see top-notch dogs, which we have always been able to
attract.  Although we have many friends amount the fancy who
have loyally supported in the past, we want to widen our circle
of acquaintances and by issuing this open invitation for
membership we hope to do so.
Did You Know?

All the collies that played
Lassie in the TV show
were male dogs.